Best Things to Do in Cabarete (Other than the Beach)

All kinds of Cabarete activities to do with your family beyond enjoying the beach.


Top Things To Do in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

There is a plentiful list of things to do in Cabarete for you to explore. In many cases, visitors and residents limit their experiences to just what lies on the beach. Although Cabarete’s beach activities are undoubtedly incredible, this breathtaking town has much more to offer beyond its ocean surroundings.

No matter how you prefer to spend your time in paradise, Cabarete is sure to have plenty of things to do that cater to all its visitors. Whether you’re into excursions and day trips or want to have the opportunity of living the Cabarete nightlife like a true local, we have highlighted our suggestions for your utmost delight. 

Cabarete’s to-do list include family-friendly activities that your kids will adore, some fun couples choices and several that can become solo activities for those looking for some alone time. 

Family Fun As You Gallop Through The Trails

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Have an unforgettable time while you and your loved ones ride stunning horses along some of the most beautiful scenes Cabarete has to offer. Hop on the majestic creatures found in the Equestrian Center at Sea Horse Ranch and begin to feel the free spirited ambience that surrounds you every step of the way.  

As one of the top things to do in Cabarete, this ride offers an estimated 7 mile tour through different paths and beaches. Being truly an experience for everybody, as they have the option of ponies for the young ones to enjoy as well, making it the perfect family bonding activity.

Dance The Night Away

One thing the adults of the family cannot miss is the Cabarete nightlife. With several options for all kinds of tastes, you should never miss out on having the time of your life on the dance floor learning the rhythms of the Dominican culture. We recommend taking the time to stop by one of the centers of the Cabarete nightlife, Ojo Club, to enjoy some cocktails and dance your way into what will truly be a night to remember.

Here you’ll be able to take in the vibrant lights, meet new local and foreign people, enjoy great national and international music and even better cocktails mixed together for a night that you’ll never want to end.

Discover What Lies Within The Caves of Cabarete

For those who are always up for an adventure, having the chance to discover the wonders deep within Cabarete is one of the best things you can aim for. One excursion in Cabarete that you shouldn’t let pass you by, is the outstanding tour into the Cabarete Caves. 

Within the forest of El Choco National Park, you will hike through trails that date back centuries ago. This day trip from Cabarete will take you into above-ground caves to underground chambers filled with historical art as you walk and climb up the different paths to explore. The perfect experience for the adventurer in you to run wild.

Get The Pampering You Deserve

Although all of the other activities are great for families and spending time with those you love, one of the best things we recommend is to separate some time to enjoy your own company. Skip the day trips and excursions and make an appointment for a relaxing massage.

Giving back to yourself and your health is never a bad idea. N Spa  offers a professional massage experience with a personal touch that caters to your biggest needs and desires. 

A dream made a reality

Remember that these are only a few of the many possibilities of things to do in Cabarete for you and your loved ones to enjoy all year round. From the Cabarete nightlife to the many day trips and excursions available, every second can be fun filled and special.

Stay here forever, with adventure and relaxation experiences becoming a part of your day to day life as you settle in your perfect home in the town of Cabarete. 

Let us guide you into your new home in paradise.

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