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Hello from Cabarete Properties

Cabarete Properties is actively on Point2, aka Point2Homes! One important reason to connect with Cabarete Properties when selling (and buying) your property.
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You may be wondering why it is important that a real estate agency such as Cabarete Properties is on Point2Homes. Here’s why:
Cabarete Properties has upgraded its account on Point2, the newest version of the globally known Point2Homes platform, with the mission to increase chances of selling currently available listings.
If you are already planning on selling a property through our local real estate agency in Cabarete, Cabarete Properties is here to let you know that our team is now part of the ELITE program, a pro version of our professional account to give better visibility to all the properties, managed directly by your Cabarete Properties’ licensed real estate broker, Luis Gonzalez. 
Point2 exists to cover real estate market trends, also providing news to real estate professionals and agents, to both expert and first-time buyers or sellers. Point2Homes will continue helping buyers and renters find what they are looking for, this is the reason why Cabarete Properties believes in the high potential when listing and selling your property on this platform.
Point2 has a solid database of users and professional accounts, with more than 110,000 followers in Canada alone, PLUS their new website has been redesigned for an even better user experience, making the search easier to all possible clients that are navigating to find useful information while house hunting. Cabarete Properties makes sure that all types of real estate is displayed and highlighted – from apartments for rent and homes for sale, to big offices or commercial spaces.
If you are interested in finding a specific property make sure to write a message or call our team to get in touch with us in Cabarete. We will guide you through the process of selling or buying a property, whether you are a first-time-buyer or a first-time-seller.
It’s your time to sell, fast and safely, with Cabarete Properties.
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