Can Foreigners Buy Homes in Cabarete, Dominican Republic?

Discover the possibilities of owning your own home in the North Coast of Dominican Republic.


Foreign Property Investing in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Explore the Caribbean lifestyle’s heavenly wonders from one of the most breathtaking places in the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Find yourself being enamored more and more as the days go by with  its beaches’ stunning shades of blue with soft golden sand complemented by the vast tropical flora such as the tall palm trees swaying to the cool breeze as you embark in a never-ending summer while living in paradise.

oceanfront property in cabarete dominican republic

Settle into the home of your dreams as you find the Cabarete property that fits all of your families needs and wants, whether it be a spacious window filled villa for you to enjoy the gorgeous sights of the Caribbean or a cozy condo right on the beach for non-stop days in the sun with those you love. No matter how big or small you choose to live, Cabarete has the perfect home to fulfill your island-life wishes. But is it possible for foreigners to easily purchase property in Cabarete, Dominican Republic?

Foreigners are Always Welcome to Stay

Embrace the possibility of becoming a foreign national as the Dominican Republic allows you to buy your own home and greatly encourages foreign investment in Cabarete, enabling foreigners to legitimately purchase estates or land to build their own. With the ability to make property investing in Cabarete, this has become even more tempting for many foreigners in comparison to neighboring Caribbean countries.

Enjoy the same purchase rights as nationals do without requiring any license or permit, having the property buying process function through deposits and basic documentation that can be purchased by individuals or corporations who can even be eligible for certain incentives and tax reliefs. The title registry office is in the one in charge of recording all property purchases from overseas buyers. 

Take it Step by Step

Once you decide upon the ideal home for you, your family or business, you can begin the property ownership journey.  Be sure to take consideration of the required documents and to be mindful of how the Dominican Republic’s system operates and the different incentives it offers you as a foreign buyer, with great importance on understanding all of the taxes within the Dominican Republic’s law. 

You can rest asure that you won’t regret your decision of choosing Cabarete as your little piece of paradise. And if you need any guidance to make sure you find that perfect property, get in contact with us and we can happily assist you with getting you closer to your dream home.

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