Fine Dining: 4 Delectable Dishes to Try in Cabarete

Discover the flavors the North Coast has to offer from the best restaurants in Cabarete.


Fine Dining: 4 Delectable dishes to try in Cabarete.

Indulge in the Taste of Cabarete with these 8 Delectable Dishes. The Dominican Republic’s North Coast is a true hidden gem, with its relaxed and tranquil nature with the town of Cabarete as its heart. With unbelievable natural wonders it becomes a mix of adventure and serenity, all in one place. Among the best things to do in the Northern Coast of the Dominican Republic, aside from the infamous culture of water sports, you can embark on a food experience quest where you’ll find a wide variety of cuisines that Cabarete has to offer. 

Cabarete’s culinary diversity ranges from the traditional Caribbean and Seafood flavors, to the country’s version of typical Asian cuisine. With so many options to choose from, your palate is sure to find plenty of exquisite platters to strike your taste. Consider the following suggestions from the most recognized restaurants of Cabarete during your gastronomic journey in paradise.

angus tenderloin at bliss restaurant cabarete dominican republic

Embrace the flavors of the Caribbean Sea.

Unwind as you enjoy some flavorful Mofongo with shrimp stuffing or perhaps go for some grilled Seafood Paella as you take in the ocean breeze while sitting right on the beach shore as the sunsets beside you in one of the best places to eat in Cabarete, “Sunset Grill”.  This space is considered to have a “perfect view, food and service…” (Spencer from TripAdvisor) giving its visitors the ability to appreciate the stunning scenery around as they dine on an extraordinary food selection.

Dive into the Mediterranean with every mouthful.

Travel through your senses as the smells, tastes and textures of a Bacon and Rosemary Crusted Angus Tenderloin takes you on a delicious journey or as the sweet taste of some Mahi Mahi enwraps your taste buds within a intimate oasis surrounded by tropical gardens and the stars above at the dinner-only “Bliss Restaurant” where some visitors consider it to be the “best dining experience in Dominican Republic” (Melkaz from TripAdvisor) with its beautiful ambience, friendly staff, and amazing food. 

angus tenderloin at bliss restaurant cabarete dominican republic
sushi volcano yamazato restaurant cabarete dominican republic

Delight your palate with Eastern inspired cuisine.

Experience traditional Asian cuisine with a Caribbean flare as you enjoy the famous ‘Volcano’ platter with kani kama and masago or some Shrimp Pad Thai in a more casual and friendly environment at the can’t miss Cabarete restaurant of “Yamazato” located in the heart of town where it’s visitors find it as a “delight to taste such authentic flavors in the Caribbean” (Dan from TripAdvisor). 

Immerse your taste buds in a mix of cultures.

Take in the captivating ocean view of Cabarete Beach from the elevated patio dining area as you decide from a variety of platters such as a spicy Red Curry or a Merlot Risotto with Filet Mignon in one the most notorious restaurants in Cabarete, “Nectar Restaurant”  with their mix of Caribbean, European, Asian, and vegan options combined with a relaxed atmosphere throughout. Its visitors have testified to having had “the best food on the beach…” (Liz from TripAdvisor).

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