From the Beach to the Mountains: Welcome to the Dominican Republic!

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From the beach to the mountains: welcome to the Dominican Republic!

Amidst the constant flow of everyday life, there’s a serenity that surrounds our beautiful island.

Filled with a natural reserve of palm trees and lively nature, the Dominican Republic and its Coasts offer experiences of a lifetime. With a vast landscape and ecosystems diversity ranging from one of the highest mountains in the Caribbean, turquoise and tranquil beaches with white sands, all the way to urban areas and our very own dunes.

There is no denying that this part of the island, is a true gem. With captivating beaches, peaceful atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and impeccable architecture, this country will make it hard for you to ever leave. The grand variety of landscapes on the island makes the Dominican Republic one of the top destinations to visit and live worldwide. 

A tropical paradise

welcome to the dominican republic

In this quick route of the best areas to visit in the Dominican Republic, we will show why the island has it all, from stunning beaches to high mountain tops.

This ‘classic’ itinerary touches all the main tourist attractions of the country, from the oldest city in the New World to the most beautiful beaches and natural environments, passing through the central highlands with their high-adrenaline activities.

1. Start with a couple of days in Santo Domingo, exploring the Colonial Zone and experiencing the most typical Dominican experiences: a baseball game and a merengue-filled evening.

2. On the third day head to Jarabacoa; visit the waterfalls in the afternoon and the following day go for a river rafting or canyoning tour. 

flights to puerto plata

3. Continue north to Cabarete, perfect for water sports like kite surfing or wing foiling, and mountain biking. Enjoy a few days of beach life and diving in Sosúa and Río San Juan.

4. Head east for an unforgettable whale-watching experience in the Península de Samaná. If it’s not the season, take a boat to the Parque Nacional Los Haitises to see the mangroves, cave paintings, or the waterfall near El Limón.

5. Spend two days hiking or boating in Las Galeras, or Las Terrenas. 

6. The southeast is perfect for those who love the sea and the resort lifestyle; you can choose between the deserted Playa Limón and the more lively towns of Bávaro and Punta Cana.

7. Returning to Santo Domingo, head southwest on the spectacular road to Barahona to see the crocodiles at Lake Enriquillo, spending a few nights out before heading back to the capital.

On the way to the mountains of Jarabacoa

This is the area where the most extreme adventures of the Caribbean are concentrated and you can closely observe the rural life of the country. Arrive at the airport near Santiago and dedicate a day to the city, not forgetting to admire the Dominican paintings of the Centro León. Visit a factory in tobacco and, if it’s winter, watch a baseball game.

The next day, head to Jarabacoa, from where you can access the two national parks Armando Bermúdez and José del Carmen Ramírez, which together occupy much of the country’s central mountain range, including Pico Duarte. In the afternoon you can see the waterfalls, then spend a day or two rafting, canyoning, and mountain biking, or climbing the Pico Duarte.

welcome to the dominican republic

The standard excursion lasts three days, but with another two days, you can also explore the beautiful Valle del Tétero. Relax in the mountain town of Constanza, easily accessible by car from Jarabacoa, with spectacular views and cool weather. Finally, rent an off-road vehicle to overcome the passes and access remote valleys and waterfalls.

Coastal Adventures & Tours

Paradise Island

A trip to one of the most beautiful and paradisiacal places on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. 
Paradise Island, whose real name is Cayo Paraiso or Cayo Arena, is a coral tiny island located in the Northwest of the Dominican Republic off the coast of Puerto Plata in Punta Rucia. Of incredible beauty, famous for the breathtaking landscape, you’ll understand why it is called Paradise Island.

Some recognizable features of this must-go-to spot are its white sands and crystal clear waters, amazing for snorkeling. 

The view underwater is unforgettable, characterized by colorful fishes, corals, and turquoise blue to emerald green water.

Paradise Island is a real paradise in the Caribbean, surrounded by beautiful nature and close to a wilder habitat, the mangroves. Usually, tour agencies that organize trips to Paradise Island include a boat trip right in the middle of this beautiful phenomenon. The national park is where you’ll get the chance to navigate through the mangroves.

welcome to the dominican republic
welcome to the dominican republic
welcome to the dominican republic

Each province tells a story, interwoven with the culture of our lively country.

Wether your preference is  surrounding yourself by mountainous jungles, or  fronted by the Caribbean Sea, you will surely find what will make your trip an unforgettable one.

We invite you to imbue your special occasions while taking advantage of everything the Dominican Republic’s hospitality has to offer. Discover all the breathtaking locations on the northern gold coast of the Dominican Republic. 

A Dream made Reality

Start living your best life

Explore all of the exceptional homes both onshore and offshore, within the towns of Cabarete and Sosua that are available for you and your family, Start living your Caribbean dream and let us be your guide.

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