How to Get Around Town while in Cabarete

Learn the main ways of transportation in Cabarete, Dominican Republic from rentals to ‘carritos’. Travel around like a true local.


Different Transport Options in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Cabarete is a town you will never want to stop exploring with its vast variety of activities, shops and restaurants to visit. With this in mind, you should never have to drop plans just because of not knowing how to get around with Cabarete’s available transportation. 

No matter if you’re deciding to ride on your own or travel in a group, you can find the perfect form of transport in Cabarete that can take you wherever you choose to go in town while adjusting to your time, budget and preferences. Get to know some of the main forms of transportation in Cabarete.

Call on A Cab

route of the north coast

If you are looking to move from place to place in a more private manner, choosing to ride a Cabarete taxi will surely be one of the most comfortable and safe transport options for you, especially if you are planning on traveling with a small group as you can all ride together towards your destination. 

This option is also ideal if you are in more of a hurry or have a larger budget for your transit around town. 

Hop on the cross town cars also known as ‘carritos’ or ‘conchos’

When you’re looking to grow into the true local Cabarete lifestyle, learning to move around town nice and smooth is a must. This option is probably one that you will hear about it mostly. The ‘carritos’ are identified cars with set routes that go through the main street of town from Sosua, all the way to Rio San Juan. The Cabarete carritos are good for solo trips or moving in groups, although they are the most used form of transportation for locals. Therefore its usually busy and a somewhat tighter fit overall, so if you are traveling in groups of more than 2 people, its not guaranteed that you get to fit all in the same car.

It sure is an adventure!

Once you hop in the car you will pay the driver and tell them where it is that you’re getting off, that way you make sure not to miss your destination in the case of not being too familiar with the area just yet. Great thing about our country is that you will most likely find a helping hand if you ever get confused on where to get off.

Ride Along in a Rental

In the case of needing transport in Cabarete for a short or long term, then you could consider renting a car that fits your needs so that you are able to ride to your favorite spots in town without having to wait for public transport and with the security of a safe and private trip with your family.  This is usually the best choice if your travel budget is more broad.

Cruise on the Motorbikes or ‘Motoconchos’

If you’re riding solo, then you should try out the ‘mototaxis’ or ‘motoconchos’, one of the most used Cabarete transportations options because of its cost effectiveness and the ability to move quickly from one place to another in a relatively shorter distance.

You can find these all over town with the drivers waiting and ready to take you wherever you need. The overall price of the ride will depend on how far you need to go, just ask how much it would cost to get you to your destination before hoping on.

retire in cabarete

Take a Walk Around Town

As the size of Cabarete is relatively small, many of the shops, restaurants and other establishments are all within walking distance from each other in what is the central part of town or the downtown area. This is a great option for getting some steps  in during your day and not paying for any unnecessary Cabarete transportation for those shorter trips.

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