Music Filled Weekend with Jazz Festival Cabarete 2022

Discover one of the greatest annual wonders of the Cabarete nightlife at the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival this November 2022.

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Unforgettable Weekend at Cabarete Beach This November

Surround yourself with the rhythmic tunes of jazz at the long awaited Dominican Republic Jazz Festival this November 2022. Enjoy a music filled weekend with Jazz Festival Cabarete 2022. After two years without celebrating this marvelous event because of the pandemic, it is back with all of its wonder for two nights in a row on Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th at the stunning Cabarete Beach. 

This Cabarete event is surely one of the top things to do in Cabarete this Fall. This music-filled weekend will not only house some amazing artists from both national and international backgrounds, but it will also provide many free activities for festival goers of all ages to enjoy the event to the fullest.

A Fall Highlight of the Cabarete Nightlife

Jazz Festival Cabarete 2022

This is a true example of the vibrant Cabarete nightlife, with two evenings filled with different styles of unique music from each featured musician. Some of the highlights of the event will be the performance of international artist Buika, an Ecuadorian-Spanish singer who is known for exploring different sounds and genres such as jazz, flamenco, tango and boleros. The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival will also have the honor of housing the Grupo Bonye, a widely acclaimed group in the country known for their different musical arrangements in different genres like guaracha, merengue, traditional son, and more. 

This event is also supported and officially sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic as well as FEDUJAZZ which is a non-profit foundation that provides tuition-free music education for the Dominican youth. The event also holds the support of many international and local brands and businesses.

Helping The Community Through Music

With music at its center, the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival goes way beyond just listening to the tunes of jazz. The event will also include several free activities to participate in as the event goes on. Some of these activities include jam sessions for those aspiring musicians or experts alike to share their passions while creating a magical music experience. It will also include music workshops where you can learn more about the instruments, the genre and many other interesting topics.

Jazz Festival Cabarete 2022
Jazz Festival Cabarete 2022
Jazz Festival Cabarete 2022

This Cabarete event will not only be a space for entertainment, but it will also fuel the learning of over 80 children of limited resources to play different instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, saxophone, and more with jazz as their main guide with the help of expert musicians.

Don’t miss out on the chance of enjoying beautiful music by the waves of the Dominican North Coast while in the company of friends, family and other music and jazz lovers as well. For more information on the event go to 


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