Passive Income DR: buy a property and rent it.

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Passive Income in the Dominican Republic

Is real estate in the Dominican Republic a good investment to start earning a passive income?

Creating passive income through real estate investments in the Dominican Republic is something you should consider when buying a property. In case you are occupying your vacation home for just a few weeks or months, you can think of renting it out for the rest of the year. 
Some properties have high potential when it comes to generating passive income that allows you to become financially free, and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

In the DR, and in Cabarete, do exist properties that are the perfect investment opportunity if you are looking to generate a source of income from it.

Is Real Estate in the Dominican Republic a good investment?

passive income in the dominican republic

If you are asking yourself “Is real estate in the Dominican Republic a good investment?” this article is for you. We’ll help you get an idea of why we believe Real Estate in the Dominican Republic is a good investment and a good way to generate passive income, whether you live on this island or in a different country.

Rent your property

If you are looking for a way to generate passive income in the DR, we suggest you put your villa for rent (or property you may have or the one you want to invest in). To get to know more about average rental income make sure to email us at! We’ll give you numbers and estimation of rental income on a monthly/yearly basis depending on location, size of the property, and current rental rates.

rent your property cabarete

If you are interested in considering the long-term rental of your property, our Rental Office will guide you through the next steps. Get the maximum return on your investment. Start profiting now. 

Send an email to or a WhatsApp message at +1(809)571-0072.

Invest in the North Coast

The most marvelous places of the Dominican Republic are located on the north coast. 

The majority of tourists love Cabarete and its beaches, as it is the water sports center and, as many consider it, the Water Sports Capital of the Caribbean. Cabarete has a lively atmosphere, many cafes and restaurants to choose from, and vibrant nightlife. 

Many families that come here for the holidays and to practice water sports end up buying a home and moving to the country.

At the moment we have interesting listings that could be your next source of passive income on the island.

Here’s an example of a cash-flowing property that will do the job and get you the best return on your investment.

passive income DR

can’t-miss opportunity for all of you looking for a dream home in paradise located between Sosua and Cabarete, in the prestigious gated community of Sosua Ocean Village.

oceanfront property in cabarete dominican republic
person windsurfing waves at cabarete beach dominican republi
north coast of dominican republic

Start living your best life

Explore all of the exceptional homes both onshore and offshore, within the towns of Cabarete and Sosua that are available for you and your family, Start living your Caribbean dream and let us be your guide.

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