Real Estate in Cabarete, Dominican Republic: the best investment in the Caribbean

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Investing in Paradise

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

The Caribbean has quickly become a point of interest throughout the last few decades. What originally started as a heavenly location for your dream vacation has become the focal point of many investors who now find in the region islands, such as the Dominican Republic, more than an opportunity to enjoy its beautiful beaches and paradise-like views. Real Estate in the Dominican Republic offers the chance to acquire the perfect house to make of the Caribbean your home.


With a fast-growing economy, this island is today one of the main attractions in the region, welcoming millions of tourists a year. This tendency has increased ever since the pandemic hit when the island received the visit of over three million travelers. All of it, while immersed in a global health emergency.

Ever since, the numbers have just gone skyrocketing. In 2022 alone, the country welcomed over seven million tourists, with Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata and Punta Cana as the preferred destination for their attractive offers, warm weather and their uniquely designed experience. Now, aside from tourism, the primary source of income of the Dominican government, within the last few years, has shown immense potential for investments. Real Estate is the industry that is taking the lead and the most promising of them all. Buying Real Estate in the Dominican Republic is now one of the best choice you can think of when investing in the Caribbean and here’s why.

Homes in Cabarete

A Promising and Up-rising Caribbean Economy

For the past three years or so, the country has been working hard to strengthen its economy and political profile facing the international community. The local government has shown support to investors and guarantees repeatedly, with actions, that the island is a safe space to invest, especially when it comes to Real Estate. And what’s better than Cabarete, in the Dominican Republic? Where the Puerto Plata lifestyle is one of the most prestigious from all over the country. 

In addition to the previously stated, the island is privileged when it comes to location, serving as a point of connection among many countries for its strategic location in the Caribbean and its closeness to the US. And when it comes to housing, location is everything, and the Real Estate in the Dominican market has them all. Whether you are looking to acquire a city home, or a village by the beach with easy access to the city, the island has what you’re looking for. 

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Redefine Luxe living in Cabarete

Multiple residential projects are currently under development in the North face of the island and its location in the region, with nearby airports in Puerto Plata, and Santiago City, and additional prestigious airports in Santo Domingo, La Romana, and Punta Cana, also facilitates flight connection within the American continent, which makes this Caribbean paradise the perfect spot if you enjoy an escapade from time to time.


Cabarete, for instance, is one of the fastest-growing communities in the north face of the island. Located in the city of Puerto Plata, known for its famous beaches, Watersport community, and exclusive lifestyle, is one of the most beautiful provinces in the country. And when in Cabarete, you’ll discover a magical town rich in culture and history, with shimmering sand beaches and emerald-colored water, home of the most beautiful sunsets in the Caribbean and named the Caribbean capital water sports of the world, for hosting some of the most popular aquatic sports from around the world, a milestone achieved thanks to its exquisite weather conditions that set the ambiance for a day of extreme adventures with the wild winds and waves.

A Dream made Reality

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Cabarete has everything you’re looking for in a beach town that you can call home. Discover the perfect property for you within this vibrant and growing town, whether it’s an opportunity exclusive property, rentals, beachfront properties and investment land, you can find what best fit your needs with a variety of competitive prices in the market. Discover everything that has to offer and fall in love with this magical town!


Start living your best life

At Cabarete Properties we have a great team of experts and licensed real estate professionals waiting to accompany you to have the best buying experience in the Caribbean. We are enthusiastic and we love what we do.

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