The Role of a Condominium Administrator

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Why is the role of the Condominium Administrator essential?

  • Good administration means higher property value.

This is the reason why Cabarete Properties’ primary mission is to provide the best HOA & Property Management services in the area of Cabarete. 
Here’s what we do as Condominium Administrators:

The Role of a Condominium Administrator
A condominium Administrator means the person or entity that administers and takes full care of the Condominium Project, after being authorized by the Condominium Corporation (Homeowners Association).
Name a few essential services that the Administrator is in charge of there is the implementation and application of a condominium’s Rules and Regulations, the supervision of operations and activities, structure improvements, and renovations when needed.

About the Homeowner Assembly
Condominium communities in the Dominican Republic have an Owner Assembly that elects an Administrator who runs the management of the Association and the Community. 

What we do: Property Management Services
Some of the responsibilities of Cabarete Properties as Condominium Administrator of some of the best Communities in Cabarete include the maintenance of common areas of the residences that are being managed.
Management of interiors is the responsibility of each owner.

Vacation Rental & Rental Management
Owners who wish to rent their properties may use a Rental Manager to gain rental income. The rental market can be very competitive in certain areas or during certain rental seasons. Online vacation rental companies like Airbnb or VRBO offer great opportunities for international marketing exposure. However, it comes at a price! In today’s competitive market, vacation renters have become serious negotiators and use available properties against others to gain a lower rental price. If and when this occurs, it can become very time-consuming dealing with rental requests that work one owner against the other. “Positive Reviews” and “Instant Booking” can be a solution for better positioning in the rental market. It is extremely important to have positive reviews and a booking system that keeps all rental requests and vacation rentals a positive experience.
A Community Administrator may also be a Property Manager and a Rental Manager. 

Which Condominium Communities provide Property Management services in the area of Cabarete?

  • Ocean One (watch the YouTube Video of the property HERE)
  • Harmony (watch the YouTube Video of the property HERE)
  •  Ultravioleta Boutique Residences (watch the YouTube Video of the property HERE)
  • Mañanero 2 (watch the YouTube Video of the property HERE)
  • Ocean Point (watch the YouTube Video of the property HERE)
  • Porta del Mare (watch the YouTube Video of the property HERE)

Other Condominium Communities that Cabarete Properties is not in charge of are:

  • Ocean Dream 
  • Seawinds at Punta Goleta
  • The Nanny Estate
the role of the condominium administrator

Did you know that Cabarete Properties is a complete real estate company that provides exclusive management to some of the most high-class Home Owner Associations?

We are your source for local management and are specialized in Cabarete, taking care of every need that you have, providing transparency and a customized experience, and focusing on building trust with our clients in order to offer the best owner experience possible.

If you have a question in regards to HOA & Property Management or want further assistance, my team and I are available to chat. Call us or pass by our offices located in Ocean Dream Plaza and Ocean One Plaza.


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