Where to Learn Water Sports in Cabarete (for Beginners)

Discover the best places for surfing, kitesurfing, laser sailing and windsurfing lessons in Cabarete.


Dive into the incredible water sports activities that Cabarete has to offer. Feel as your body overflows with excitement and adrenaline as you take on new challenges in what is known as the Action Sports Capital of the Caribbean, with its nearly three hundred days of wind. There is no need to be a pro straight away, as you can learn the technique with incredible instructors to guide you while still having the time of your life in the water.

Water sports have numerous homes along the northern Dominican coastline, such as the famous Kite Beach in Cabarete, with an ideal environment for water sports-related activities. It’s time to let your inner child explore the best places for surfing, kitesurfing, laser sailing and windsurfing lessons in Cabarete.

Catch the Tides First Thing in the Morning at Pauhana

Surfing in the Dominican Republic is sure to be a life changing experience. A combination of balance and fluidity as you glide across the surface of the infamous bright blue water. Learn the art of surfing starting from the basics at the Pauhana Surf School, located in Encuentro Beach and is considered to be the “best surf school in Cabarete” (Liis from TripAdvisor). Get in an early bird mood and set your alarm so you can be sure to take advantage of the morning waves mixed with the experience of a beautiful sunrise.

Go with the Flow of the Wind at Liquid Blue Cabarete

north coast of dominican republic

Become a part of Cabarete’s kiteboarding community as you surround yourself with fun loving people that have dedicated years to the sport or have just started to take part in it. With its accurately appointed name, Liquid Blue should be your first pick to practice kiteboarding in the Cabarete area. having been recognized by National Geographic as one of the top kiteboarding destinations in the world, there’s no better place to take on your kiteboarding or kitesurfing journey. You can start learning the ropes of kiteboarding at Liquid Blue Cabarete where its visitors have said they “…didn’t want to leave” (Natalie from TripAdvisor).

Adrenaline Full Sail Ahead at Carib Wind

man laser sailing in cabarete beach dominican republic

Feel the rush of laser sailing as you zip through the great ocean waves on Cabarete Beach, one the most popular locations for this sport on the island. Challenge yourself to take on this physically demanding sport as you learn different techniques to move, turn and accelerate the sailboat. Get a one time experience by renting one of the small sailboats or, better yet, start to learn this amazing Cabarete water sport at Carib Wind 

Glide through the waves at Ion Club

person windsurfing waves at cabarete beach dominican republi
person windsurfing waves at cabarete beach dominican republi

Find yourself enamored with the sport that made Cabarete famous, windsurfing. Cabarete’s windsurfing scene really is a true spectacle, but why limit yourself to just watching others enjoy the freeing experience. With Cabarete Beach as one of its main stages, you can jump into trying the distinguished water sport of cabarete with the professionals at Ion Club (Link 5) towards the bay with the relatively flat water and constant trade winds creating the ideal environment for the sports.

Fall in love with all of the water sports Cabarete has to offer and have the chance to practice all year around by choosing to have a permanent home or a vacation unit here. Let us be your guide to your future home in Cabarete.

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